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Most popular GRP versions from the last century have some ornamental exterior timber such as rubbing strips, hand rails, hatch covers etc. and if well maintained these will include a real charm to your boat. Nevertheless, when neglected they soon end up being flaky as well as discoloured and it is remarkable how much this detracts from a watercraft cosmetically. The primary reasons for flaking varnish in addition to discolouration to wood made trims is UV damage compromising the varnish as well as enabling water to pass through right into the wood. The most effective way to prevent this is to touch up any kind of scrapes or cracks in the varnish immediately after they appear stopping water from soaking into the timber. To keep varnished wood looking its greatest it really requires re-doing every 1-2 years.


Possibly one of the most overwhelming thing people discover when varnishing is the large volume of various marine varnishes on the marketplace. Varnishes naturally differ in cost in accordance with their quality, however budget isn't the only factor to think about when selecting a yacht varnish. The main technical properties different varnishes will market are the efficiency of the products resistance to UV (the significant source of flaking) as well as the products self-levelling properties; varnishes with better levelling properties will certainly be easier to apply equally to a surface. These are points of quality that will naturally differ as the varnishes vary in cost range, however there are additional aspects to think about.

Examine the application procedure when considering a varnish; does it have to be sanded between each coat or can you use 2 or 3 before having to sand it down once again? It's likewise worth examining the drying time and exactly how often you can apply coats to the surface, the majority of varnishes will strictly suggest merely one layer a day yet some can take 2. It is consequently vital to understand the number of layers you will require and also ensure you have the time available to do so. Varnishes likewise differ in colour, some are near enough clear whilst others will transfer an amber or gold radiance to the wood, consider exactly what result you wish to finish with. Lastly, what wood is it going on, most varnishes are relatively universal, however, if you're using a particularly oily timber like teak some varnishes will certainly need you to clean the timber with the proper thinners and perhaps seal the wood before application.

International Perfection Plus Marine Varnish

On top of the International range is their two pack 'Perfection Plus', an excellent quality varnish with a curing additive. International recommend in between 2 and 5 layers to leave an excellent gloss with the treating agent to give the hardest, most scrape immune shell and the longest life in the range.The next in the assortment are the 'Schooner' varnishes; 'Schooner Gold' offering the better UV defence as well as an amber hue to the timber, and the normal 'Schooner' giving more of a golden colour and requiring more coats compared to the 'Gold' with both calling for sanding between each layer. Next off, 'Compass' is the quick drying varnish in the selection allowing 2 coats daily under the appropriate conditions and not calling for sanding between each coat.

International Original Marine Varnish Finally, the 'Original' is the general purpose entry in the range; a great value, good quality varnish ideal for exterior work and requiring around three coats for a nice gloss.


Implementation of varnishes naturally differs between products and any kind of special requirements will certainly be detailed on the tin. To give one of the most general idea of exactly how you might use varnish let's assume we are using International's 'Original' varnish on wooden rubbing strips together with hand rails. It is of course best, when possible, to get rid of wooden features from the watercraft to varnish in order both to improve access and also avoid leaking varnish all over the hull.

Give the wood a very good clean and also sand it down with around 300 grit paper, bearing in mind to sand in the direction of the grain, and also give it a very good wipe down after that with a tack-rag as any dust will certainly ruin the finish. Pick a top quality brush, sticky varnish is well-known for pulling hairs from brushes, Harris 'No-Loss' brushes are the best bet for a smooth finish. international toplac

International recommend thinning the very first coat of 'Original' by about 10% with their 'No. 1' thinners, this helps the varnish to really soak into the wood and also stick well to the surface. Do this in a separate mixing jug from which you can apply the varnish. Seal up the tin once you've measured out exactly what you will need for a layer to avoid any kind of unneeded contamination and use the thinned varnish generously from your measuring jug using long, sleek strokes in the same direction as the grain of the timber. This needs to be left to dry for a minimum of 1 Day prior to being given a good sanding with 320-400 grit sandpaper. Click here for more data interdeck.

Once entirely dry and sanded remove any type of dirt once again and you are ready to start using unthinned coats. Once again don't apply directly from the tin yet separate roughly what you will need into an appropriate container. When applying the unthinned varnish beware to keep strokes even and clean out any kind of drips as quickly as you see them as when they are tacky it becomes very challenging to correct them. Once you are happy with the layer leave it to dry for a minimum of 24-HOUR before sanding once more with 320-400grit paper to give a key for the following coat, if you don't accomplish this the varnish is liable to peel off in huge strips, use the tack rag to get rid of any dirt before proceeding with the following layer. Repeat this process as many times as possible, or till you are happy with the finish, International recommend three unthinned coats for 'Original' yet if you have the time there's no reason why you can not go even more. international marine paints

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The Benefits of Using Corner Bumpers

The most prevalent use for corner fenders is on river and canal motorboats. The risk of hitting another motorboat is greater in stretches of water where there is not really much room for motorboats to move. Corner bumpers offer you protection to all watercraft on the waterways plus provide you with peacefulness, allowing you to fully enjoy your sailing experience.
Nevertheless, corner fenders are certainly not tied to river and canal boat use. If a motorboat often berths in a marina that gets really crowded, then corner fenders can be a valuable addition. The corners of a boat can be very prone to damage therefore protection is needed if there is a possibility of them becoming involved in a crash.

Corner, or transom fenders, are extensively considered to be the best way to secure your boat from any damage brought on by impact when the boat is being moored. They could be fitted both to the motorboat itself as well as on the mooring berth also, which is one of the characteristics that make this sort of protection distinctive from others available. Where it doesn't stand out from other kinds is that the major purpose of all fenders would be to shield the watercraft in question. 

Corner bumpers are only offered as a sealed unit that can not be re-inflated. Nonetheless, this does not affect the amount of time that the bumpers can be used for since they are made to be resilient and long lasting. They're permanently attached to the boat, or marina, because they have to be attached or nailed to the corners. While other sorts of fenders might be left on the watercraft while sailing, corner fenders cannot be lifted into the motorboat so it is crucial that you select the very best fit aesthetically. You will find there's a lot more details about Boat Fenders at this website.

Corner bumpers come in different dimensions and they can suit corners which range from 70 to 90 degrees. They are super easy to set up and come with installation clips that are horse shoe shaped. The standard colours for these fenders are blue and white allowing them to blend in with virtually every motorboat in the water. They may be suited for most kinds of watercraft and the defense that they offer implies that they are a feature that every watercraft owner should think about. 

The advantages of having corner bumpers attached to your watercraft are certainly not restricted just to you either. When corner bumpers are affixed to your boat, they not only offer defense to your property but even to other motorboats when the accident were to happen. Responsible motorboat owners make use of corner fenders to limit the harm that could be done to other watercraft if a collision should happen, along with protecting their own boats. In some cases, if it is only the fender that makes contact with another boat, then no damage will be brought on whatsoever.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Maritime Clocks and Barometers

Nautical clocks, barometers as well as other scientific devices can be used for the useful reasons they were created for or as a decorative feature in the room. If you're planning to purchase a maritime clock or barometer, there's something you ought to look for:


Do you need a brand new instrument or do you prefer a collectible? This really is an important thing to think about because it will have an effect on the type of clock or barometer you are going to choose, what you will pay and where you'll look for it.

Working order

If you are investing in a nautical barometer for decorative purposes, then it is possible that you simply will not mind whether it functions or not. Make certain you take this under consideration when you are purchasing it though. If you're buying a new product, naturally, there has to be an expectation that it works. However, should you be buying an antique or even a relatively new second-hand barometer or ships clock, then you will need to check that it's in full operating condition before making your investment. Otherwise, you should count on paying less for this or check if it can be repaired by a specialist.
There are a lot ships barometers readily available for sale listed here.


If you are purchasing a second-hand or antique brass clocks, always determine if there is any damage or not. Are the parts authentic? Was it repaired? Are there obvious cracks, chips, breaks, dents or missing parts? While you can still proceed with the purchase, make certain you aren't paying over the odds and that the wear and tear is taken into consideration when setting the price. If you feel the price is unfair considering the damage, then offer a lower price. The owner may accept or meet you halfway.


The quality of a nautical barometer or a nautical wall clock is very important to a lot of people. You will have to look at what materials were utilized to make the item. Generally, there are solid wood and brass barometers. Nevertheless, different woods and metals have different values and some are believed significantly less hardy, while some are considered to be quality materials. Like all goods, there are several brands that mass produce items and other makes which are recognized for bespoke, quality production. It might be necessary to check out the subject to discover which the very best makes to search for are.


The product quality, age, condition and make of the product will all affect the cost. Unless you possess an unlimited spending budget, you will probably set a maximum amount of money that you will be ready to pay. Take a look at online auction sites or perform an Internet search to compare prices among different retailers and auctioneers. Also, research recent sales on items so that you know what you can expect to pay.
Ships barometers and clocks are fantastic scientific devices which are also aesthetically appealing. If you intend to buy such an item, then you need to consider age, condition, quality and price before making your mind.

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Helpful tips for Anchor Marine Fenders

Boat fenders are used to protect the watercraft from damages when it is mooring. The fenders absorb the kinetic energy of the boat and in addition provide defense for the berthing structure. Most fenders that are used these days are portable and they can be placed on the side of the boat when it's getting close to a dock or some other area for mooring. They may be useful for virtually any kind of boat and it is recommended that at least 3 bumpers are employed. There's no maximum amount of bumpers that can be used but the owner of the watercraft is going to be restricted by the amount of space they have around the outside of the boat and the storage space on the inside.

Anchor Marine has been producing bumpers for over 50 years and all of their products are made in the United Kingdom. The products are widely used by people who sail boats for enjoyment additionally they very popular with commercial customers too. This company is recognised throughout the industry for the high quality of goods that they create. The vinyl which is used to make their fenders has been developed with the help of research chemists and it has flexible qualities that protect them from bursting. A branding service is provided for business clients which can be used to display the emblem of the company on the fender.

A selection of different colours is offered for the bumpers. Blue and white are the most common choices, but they are also available in burgundy and black. The colour which is selected is determined by the personal preference of the owner. In case more than one fender is required, which will probably be the case, the same colour can be selected or they may select a number of shades to spice up the appearance of the watercraft. This kind of arrangement could work best on boats that offer rides to the public like river ferry boats. The bumpers are shielded from UV damage so no matter which colour is picked, the watercraft owner can be sure that the colours will not fade. Go here narrowboat fenders to acquire more information.

All fenders are screened in harsh environments to make sure that they offer the top level of protection for the watercraft and definitely will withstand the elements. The special marine vinyl that is used to produce the fenders provides a increased resistance against bursting and they're also protected against abrasion with unique thimbles preventing injury to the eye. The eyes are strengthened for more strength. In order to ensure that the bumpers can be utilized for an extended period of time, they're immune to UV damage and they are weather stabilised. These fenders are able to stand up to the demanding conditions that are occasionally experienced when sailing and are actually seen as a nice investment by any boat owner.

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The Morso Squirrel Stove

The Morso Squirrel Stove 1430 is actually a multiple-fuel stove that's an up-to-date version of the Squirrel 1410 and a fantastic addition for the 1400 selection. It features a variety of helpful functions such as stay clean window which cleans on its own via a burning and air wash method. Ash from recent fires is handily taken from the stove due to the addition of the ash pan. The device also includes heat shields which can be positioned under the stove and also at the back that will completely shield areas around it.
Morso is a Danish firm that have been producing stoves ever since 1853, so any person buying one of the 1400 range can be certain that they're acquiring a high quality product which is long lasting, strong and will offer each of the features they are searching for in a stove. Along with the stoves themselves, Morso offer a variety of add-ons that enhance them and enhance how they perform.

This stove is extremely well-liked for usage on small watercraft because of its small dimensions. It's also really efficient at burning up fuel and there are a number of various fuels which can be used including coal, timber and smokeless energy sources. Which means that there are a variety of methods that the stove may be kept alight for the prolonged time period, which is certainly perfect for those who are spending around a couple of days on the narrow watercraft during a period of the season when the weather conditions are colder. The stove warms up swiftly to supply extra warmth as needed. Convenience of where the stove is kept is offered because the flue outlet could be either applied on top or the rear of the device.

Looking to provide heating for your boat this winter morso squirrel stove are an economic solution. Jones Online Boat Chandlery have a lot of morso squirrel 1410 stoves available for at some of the lowest prices in th UK. Look here for futher details.

As stated earlier, a variety of accessories are available for this stove. Coal inserts can be utilized if this type of fuel will be used in the fire, and those will help make the stove much more effective. The attachements make the firebox smaller, permitting a lot less fuel to be burned while still preserving a hot temperature. What this means is the temperature that is needed for heating the space continues to be generated by the stove although less fuel is being used.

As stated earlier, numerous add-ons are accessible for this stove. Coal inserts can be utilized if this type of fuel will be utilized in the fire, which will help make the stove much more effective. The attachements make the firebox smaller, permitting significantly less fuel to be burned while still sustaining a hot temperature. What this means is the temperature that is needed for heating the space continues to be produced through the stove despite the fact that much less fuel will be utilized.

Baffle plates could also be used to help make the stove more effective. They are positioned on the firebox within the stove. The direct exit towards the chimney is blocked off with this plate that causes the flue gases to go an additional distance well before they are able to escape the stove. The more the flue gases can stay in the firebox, the greater amount of heat which will be moved to the stove while the gases possess a greater possibility of mixing up with air within the stove and completely combusting.

Overall, if you are searching for a powerful stove, whether it is for the watercraft or your house, the Morso Squirrel Stove is the best option for you.